Year in Review 2012: Highlights

A message from our director as emailed to our subscribers:

Can you believe 2012 is almost over? We’ll soon be embracing 2013, and it’ll be the start of another great year, insha Allah.

This year has been huge for us, having only launched the year before, we’ve surpassed our own expectations in almost every area! Of course we could not have done this without your support, feedback and encouragement – whether it was attending any of our events, purchasing merchandise, signing up to our lists, or keeping in touch through ourFacebook – we do appreciate it so thank you and jazakAllahu khayr!

Here’s some of what you’ve helped us to achieve this year…

  • Alhamdulillah the year started off with the launch of Du’as of the Superstars to help you learn more about attaining ‘Superstar’ status. We sold numerous copies throughout the year and we have some exciting news coming up in regards to this so stay tuned!
  • We held one of our most acclaimed seminars, Characteristics of the Righteous in Peterborough and Middlesbrough alhamdulillah, inspiring many sisters to live with the lessons from figures ranging from Maryam (as) to the sister of Salahuddin (ra).
  • We held our first online conference of the year Mesmerised – by the Might of Your Creator with some of the most active daa’iyah’s in the world today, from the likes of Yasmin Mogahed to Haleh Banani and hosted by Sister Megan Wyatt. This special conference was attended by over 1000 people, all coming together to learn about the true Might of their Creator. We also released reminders from our speakers on our Youtube page, and the khayr has not stopped, alhamdulillah.
  • We released our second publication of the year, an in-depth documentary of our first online conference, selling hundreds of copies in Bangladesh and we are eagerly awaiting to release it in the UK and internationally in 2013!
  • Locally, we released two new sets of workshops, one in Birmingham in conjunction with the University of Birmingham ISOC, and the second in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Bangladesh went further in creating gift packs for the sisters to make it more than a ‘ilm workshop, but fun, engaging and beneficial!
  • In Walsall we were blessed to organise two sell-out workshops, I keep on Falling and The Fight for Success for the local community which gave them knowledge they desired but was scarce in their community.
  • This last Ramadhan led to the release of two online seminars, one wasFifth Gear – Speed up the last 10 Days of Ramadhan and then Crème de la crème during the month of Dhul Hijjah. Alhamdulillah both online seminars were deemed a success as the feedback from individual impact and experiences showed.
  • In November we toured London with Islam Hounslow with Stupid Cupid – Gender Relations in Islam, inviting the youth and discussing an issue so dear to them.
  • We were invited by one of the most prestigious Islamic schools in the UK, Islamia Girls School in London, to present a workshop called The Teen Dream in hope of inspiring them to focus on the ‘Real Deal’ and alhamdulillah it was a success, judging from the response we had, and speaking to teenagers isn’t easy, but if they like you, you’re sorted and the impact can reign, hence, we have another visit planned in January!
  • We worked together with Fosis Midlands to launch the first sisters tour in Fosis history called The Heroine Rises – Hawaa’ is back! The tour took place across four Universities around the UK, and gave sisters another perspective on an amazing woman lost in history, our mother. This also lead to the exciting launch of our weekly email reminders which we encourage you to sign up so you can begin benefiting asap!
  • We also took part in a business leadership competition, called Aspire Higher, and alhamdulillah had the pleasure of sharing the concept and vision of I am Alima to some of the most prestigious Muslim investors in the UK along with the American Embassy. Alhamdulillah I am Alima came in amongst the top three, a blessing from Allah (subhanahu wa ta ‘ala) alone.

I’d just like to end by thanking you once again. You have no idea how much your encouragement, whether it’s been taking part in an event or engaging with us on social mediums has helped. Knowing that we’re creating some level of impact amongst you all helps us to do even more, and hopefully a means of being saved on that day when there is no shade, except His shade.

May Allah (subhanahu wa ta ‘ala) accept all our deeds, purify them and make them a means of attaining His pleasure, and His pleasure alone.

See you on the other side, a brighter side, insha Allah.

~ Alima

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