Race to the forgiveness of your Lord before it’s too late!

Do you know what the most hopeful Ayat in the Qur’an is?
[blockquote cite=”Surah az-Zumar: 53″ variation=”silver”]”…O My servants who have transgressed against themselves [by sinning], do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Indeed, Allah forgives all sins. Indeed, it is He who is the Forgiving, the Merciful.”[/blockquote]

We are a product of our surroundings, who you are today, will determine what you do tomorrow. And this was how it was going to be…

In fact, all was fine and great, you were just like everyone else UNTIL the calling came… Until Allah ‘azza wa jal gave you the guidance to care about Him and His Deen over yourself and this Duniya. However, we’re all affected by our surroundings. Our past and what may be acceptable to us may not be acceptable to Allah ‘azza wa jal, hence we slip!

Slipping is a part of life, it happens and it’s all a learning curve, yet something we must understand is that when we disobey Allah jalla wa ‘alaa, it affects others, but more so it affects YOU! You know yourself and you know what you need to ask forgiveness for!

The crux of the reminder is asking for Allah ‘azza wa jal’s forgiveness… Seeking forgiveness is mentioned again and again in the Qur’an, and in some places it is a commandment >>

[blockquote cite=”Surah Al Muzzammil: 20.” variation=”silver”]”And seek forgiveness of Allah; surely Allah is Forgiving, Compassionate.” [/blockquote]

In other places, Allah praises those who seek His forgiveness:

[blockquote cite=”Surah ‘ale’Imran:1″ variation=”silver”] “And those who pray for forgiveness in the early hours of the morning.”[/blockquote]

Why is it mentioned so much? …Your Lord loves it when you turn to Him, when you’re helpless… When you know that only He can assist you and make things easy for you! Not only that, He is the only One who can see deep inside and give you inner peace!

Now how does this affect you all? You are all Da’ees – Those who call to Allah ‘azza wa jal, the ones who are role models for others insh?All?h. If we take a trip back in time, we see what Rasoolullah salAllahu ‘alayhi wasallam would do:

[blockquote cite=”Al Bukhari” variation=”silver”]”I swear by Allah that I supplicate for Allah’s forgiveness and turn to Him in repentance more than seventy times a day.”[/blockquote]

:heart skips a beat: …SubhanAllah, this was the Prophet of Allah salAllahu ‘alayhi wassallam and He turned to Allah, what about us?!


You can do three things…

  1. Know that you’re doing a specific thing wrong and still don’t pay attention and continue in your resolve.
  2. Rectify the situation and this may be better for you or…
  3. Just move on and this is at your predicament << You have to weigh out the odds.

What can you do to move forward?

  1. Make it a habit to say Astaghfirullah 100 times a day!
  2. Review yourself daily and ensure you’re on track!

Bismillah to another day – to show Allah how much you love Him!

The Author

Alima Ashfaq is the founder of I am Alima and hopes to transform it into the forefront of assisting women come closer to Allah (swt). She is the author of a number of publications, most notably Du’as of the Superstars.

2 Responses

  1. Aishah March 12, 2012 / 7:42 pm

    masha Allah..this was nyc and straight to the point..barakalahu feek! hope to be like U when I grow up!

    • Alima Ashfaq March 23, 2012 / 1:17 am

      Jazakillahu khayrun Aishah, mashaAllah you seem to be young, so I pray you excel and be better than the best, Aameen.

      Keep in touch, inshaAllah. :)

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