O Ar-Rahman – Please forgive me

Another reflection for these last 10 nights!

I try, my desires I defy…
I’m strong… But for how long?

Everything around me calls me to haraam,
I hold back, staying away from the Satanic alarm…

The blessed days are coming to an end…
It’s now or never, O Allah please help me make amends!

I come to you helpless,
I fear that day when all will become senseless!
I come to you in pain,
With mistakes, I have become stained,

You forgive, this I surely believe,
You forget, with You I’m not in debt…

Ya Ar-Rahman forgive me…

And don’t deprive me of your eternal bliss… :(

The Author

Alima Ashfaq is the founder of I am Alima and hopes to transform it into the forefront of assisting women come closer to Allah (swt). She is the author of a number of publications, most notably Du’as of the Superstars.

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  1. Samiha August 16, 2012 / 8:20 am

    Assalamualikum ,, Sis Alma masha allah nice poem loved it <3

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