Living with the Du’as of the Superstars

Recently we’ve received a heart warming review for Du’as of a Superstar – The Formulae for Success, written by Sr. Alima.

Alhamdulillah we have revised the book for the second time, in an aim to inspire you, in sha Allah. Let’s see what sister Shirin thought when she received a package at her home, lo and behold, it was Du’as of the Superstars!

“As I received my post through the door, I excitedly opened the package and squeeled as I saw the much awaited book ‘Duas of the Superstars – The Formulae for Success’. My first impressions of the outer appearance of the book was that it looked sophisticated with an air of glamour. I must say I was pleasantly surprised as I started reading the first few pages. I merely assumed the book would consist of a list of Du’as from the Qur’an with a few lines of commentary to explain them. However, little did I know that I was about to embark on a spiritual and intellectual journey that would completely change my perception of what making du’a to Allah azza wa jal encompasses and what my vision of the future should be like.

As you go further in the book, you truly realise the importance of making Du’a and turning solely to Allah azza wa jal, especially the importance of having goals. Sr. Alima uses various inspirational stories and anecdotes (including her own experiences) to demonstrate how to plan goals in a clear and structured way, how to develop a realistic timetable and how to maintain motivation when the going gets tough. I truly didn’t realise just how important making goals for the future were until I read this book! It has made me think about my future in a different light, as if moving a veil from my mind. I especially like the part called ‘Desire is not enough’ because it made me realise why many of my own goals were not fulfilled in the past. It’s because I had enough desire, but no structured goals, nor was I equipped with these awesome du’as. Like the author says ‘Allah subhanahu wa at’ala has given us two ingredients to prepare the perfect life which are regular goals and lots of du’a’ simple yet very effective!

A special aspect of this book to me was the way Allah’s beautiful Names were implemented throughout it. In reality this whole book is connected to Allah, His Attributes and how to gain His pleasure. The reason I chose this book was to know how to make amazing du’as like the previous ‘Superstars’ to aid me in my struggle through this life and to gain closeness to Allah. The regular reminders of Allah’s Names that are full of Mercy and Compassion kept me smiling as I was reading and hopeful that yes, Allah will hear my du’as and help me attain the success that a Muslim craves. And that success is to attain Jannatul Firdous. Something this book emphasises!

Something that took me by surprise was the WOW-O-Meter, it actually did make me say ‘wow‘! Generally as individuals, we need to constantly evaluate ourselves in order to improve our qualities and skills. Especially as a Muslim we must evaluate ourselves and tackle our faults in order to bring humility within our ego. This in turn would make us strive to eradicate our faults for the sake of pleasing Allah. And what better action should we improve than making du’a, an action that we do regularly and an action that directly links us to our Rabb (our Lord), an action that is an act of Ibadah (worship). The WOW-O-Meter is a nice clear way of rating yourself on the quality of your Du’a to Allah. I must say, I have rated myself and I see I need a lot of improving, in sha Allah!

Now it’s human nature to look up to someone as a role model, and what better role model can you than the great Prophets of the past (peace and blessing be upon them all). I was constantly reminded of their previous struggles such as the trials faced by Prophet Yousuf (alayhissalaam) and how I can extract lessons from them. The way it was written was quite exciting, and you could clearly imagine the story in your head. The stamina he had to reject a woman of status and beauty just shows that we should all display such characteristics when faced with difficulties. However, not only were there inspirational stories of the past but of current stories that held uplifting morals. Such as the patience of the Father of son who was killed during the riots in the UK. This shows that hey, there are heroes in our time that we can learn from!

Overall, I must say I have not seen the uniqueness of this book anywhere else. It was refreshing, uplifting and very enjoyable to read. However, it’s not just a book to read and put away, but a book that you can and should constantly refer to. There is almost a Du’a for every situation and I love how there is a scenario for each one so you know when and how to use them. For example, my dear Aunt passed away 2 days ago and usually I would struggle to display my emotions in the form of a supplication to Allah.

However, I now have at hand a variety of Du’as to use, coupled with Allah’s beautiful Names to call out to. Also, to show the extent of the impact this book has had on me, I can now say I have pushed forward with the idea of my starting my own little business, in sha Allah. My great love for art has now turned into a realistic dream and Alhamdulilah in a matter of weeks I have sold some of my products and I have recieved future orders already. All by the tawfique of Allah, Al Wahhab (the Superb Bestower). And I have to say this book gave me that little push I needed! A successful book is defined by the positive impact it has on the reader, and this book clearly has that accomplished standard.”

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  1. Pradeep December 1, 2013 / 11:09 am

    Salam , can i get the book and from where can i collect it.

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