Hajj – lessons and reflections

Now that I sit in front of my laptop and look back, I still am in shock that I had gone to Hajj and also returned home safely Alhamdulillah. Since Allah swt guided me to His Beautiful Deen, Hajj was a dream for me. During the Hajj season in the previous years, I made sure not to miss the halaqas on Hajj, because every single halaqa would take me on a trip to the blessed lands, leaving my heart softened and eyes moistened. During the day of ‘Arafah, I would sit in front of the television, and enjoy the bliss of the melodious tune of ‘Labbaik Allaahumma Labbaik’ all along making du’a to Allah to take me for Hajj. Little did I imagine that my day would arrive so soon. [Trust me, as I write this, I am still at awe]

The day finally arrived. And I left for Hajj. Proceeding with the talbiyah in my lips and the awe in the heart, meeting the breath-taking scenery of the Ka’abah once again, the beauty of doing the tawaaf and letting yourself completely into begging Allah, walking between the mounts of Safaa and Marwa and cherishing the painful yet sweet moments of Hajar [alaihis], quenching that thirst with the most amazing drink in the world – zamzam, I enjoyed every moment of my ‘Umrah of Tamattu’ Hajj, Alhamdulillah.

After about 2 weeks the big days of Hajj arrived and we left for Mina. With all the exciting times in Mina’s tent, the heart-pouring day of ‘Arafah, the mesmerizing night under the open sky at Muzdalifa, the stoning at the Jamarat and with the Tawaf and Sa’ee in Makkah we completed our Hajj Alhamdulillah. My dream was fulfilled – and I realized something profound.

Lesson 1 – If you really want something bad, you would not leave making du’a for it, even if it takes years. I made du’a to Allah for years to make me His guest. And Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He) is Al-Hakeem, the All-Wise. He will give you that which you ask, whenever is the right time for you. Hence, do not give up on du’a.

Though writing the steps of Hajj will not take you more than a paragraph, yet this is a journey of a life-time. For many, Hajj is a magical journey. You go there and get purified. However, it is not.

Lesson 2 – Hajj is a compact version of your life in this world. It is a demonstration of how your life should be treated by you and what your priorities should be. It reminds you that you have a worthy goal to strive in life – and all throughout your journey you will be tested.

In life, your goal is Jannah, and you will be tested throughout your life in order for you to achieve your goal. It is a journey that teaches you how to treat dunya as it is, and wear the crown of the hereafter. It reminds you again and again, that the luxuries of this dunya are vain, and all that you should be focused on is your worship – which in turn beautifies and eases the affairs of your dunya. And in every step of Hajj, just like this dunya, you will be presented with temptations and tests, which you must ensure to pass biidhnillah. Hajj for me was a training session as to how my ideal life should be, and not a magical journey where you are purified without any tests.

Now that one of the biggest dreams of my life has been fulfilled, I come to a very profound realization.

Lesson 3 – No matter what dreams you have in this life, and how many of them are fulfilled, the tests of this life are not over till your first step in Jannah. You may have dreams in this life, but they are not your goals. Make sure you never confuse your goal with your dreams.

May Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He) forgive us, and enable us to enter His Paradise – that which He prepared for His Righteous slaves, ameen. May He subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He) accept our Hajj from us, and purify us, ameen.

The Author

Faria Alam is a young aspiring student who seeks to help young females educate themselves. She is a freelance writer and loves to read books of different disciplines. She takes great interest in personal development.

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  1. SIster December 1, 2012 / 4:49 pm

    Lesson 3 is so well put – thank you for articulating it so beautifully and consisely. Alhumdolilah

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