A new look at IamAlima.org

We all need to upgrade once in a while, whether it’s a new iPhone or a Lamborghini (we can dream right!), we need to go to the next level so we can enjoy the new features. In fact, it’s these very upgraded features that allow us to have a more comfortable experience and for those who wish to join us on the journey (yes, we’re referring to the Lamborghini here).

We at I am Alima wanted to welcome you to our upgraded website, we hope this will make the experience smoother for you and allow you to benefit from our upgraded features inshaAllah.

We’ve made registration smoother, as well as purchasing our publications more efficient for you. Another important aspect of our website is the vision, we hope you can now relate and understand exactly where are headed and more importantly, we hope you join us in the future.

Finally, the more interesting aspect of the site; is the blog, this section will allow you benefit from daily reminders, videos, press releases and news, so you can keep regularly updated and in the loop.

Keep visiting us, as this is the start of a new era, inshaAllah!

The Author

This blog is updated and maintained by the editor and her team with exclusive articles and all that's going on at 'I am Alima'. To contact us, email blog@iamalima.org.

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