350 Young Sisters, yikes!


I’ve always had an aim to venture into schools, as one of my friends, or may I add a sister who is close to me attended one. After many discussions my second vision in life was formed. (Thank you Mehvish!)

My first was to help sisters who are excelling in their worship, go one step higher excel and outdo their own potential and now the second became; to assist those who are struggling in their worship to reach that peak, so they can attain the contentment and success they desire and need.

After much deliberation and work we’ve got our first school confirmed alhamdulillah.

I’ll be speaking at Abu Bakr Girls Schools this Monday, inshaAllah.

I can’t wait! I’ll keep you updated on our Facebook Fan Page, inshaAllah.

The Author

Alima Ashfaq is the founder of I am Alima and hopes to transform it into the forefront of assisting women come closer to Allah (swt). She is the author of a number of publications, most notably Du’as of the Superstars.

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